Heads of Siddhartha I, II, III


Clench & Flow, 2022, Eichenholz und Stahl, je370x40x40cm


3 X 1, 2022, Stein und Stahl3 x 1, 2022, Stein und Stahl


Shifting Dimensions, 2020-2021, Peccia Marble, Steel, Oak, Height 200cm



Life-Lines 2021


Fusion, 2019 Stone, Wood, Steel, 1400 x 280 x 300mm


Passage, 2017, Steel, 1800 x 400 x 400mm.  A frame which is on the one side closed, like a box, and on the other open. It offers a way through. Steel protrusions on the inside adds an element of risk to the process of passing through.


'Pierced Memories', 2017, Sheet Steel, 40cm