The main form used is the monolith, which refers to the standing human figure. The form is used to address and convey the themes: Segregation and Unity, Memory and Present and Chaos and Order. Together with the use of different materials ranging from steel, wood, stone, concrete and other found objects the work is formed.

Segregation and Unity refers to a wholeness which has been divided and divided parts being brought into a whole. An ongoing play between tension and harmony is created. Memory and Present addresses the density and the weight of past experiences and the openness and lightness of the experience of the present moment. The marked and textured surfaces convey experiences undergone or experiences being made (rust). Holes and gaps show the empty and ungraspable nature of the present state. Chaos and Order is represented by straight lines and circles which are juxtaposed with irregular forms and textures. Clearness and calmness is activated by irregularity and vice-versa.

Fusion 2019: Bringing together 3 different materials, stone, wood and steel, into a strict monolithic form. Each material is different in its colour, density, weight and translucency. Different aspects of the same form is represented: warmth, hardness and lightness contrasts and harmonizes with each other.

Passage 2017: A frame made from steel plates, which is on the one side closed, like a box, and on the other open. It offers a way through. Steel protrusions on the inside adds an element of risk to the process of passing through.

Plate Figures 2016: From the front the figures appear to have width and volume, yet they are flat and one-sided. Made from steel plates, which are dense and almost impenetrable. Plates marked by time and processes form a barrier to what is behind, yet holes allow a view through and the rust indicate the changing and withering of a seemingly solid obtrusion.

Memory and Present 2014: An installation of objects made from steel and wood. The surfaces of the objects are rough, marked by time and processes. Two discs are placed in front of the objects, which cut through the density of memory to create a clearing, an opening, a gap.