Gaps within the density of memory


The interpersonal relationship is a recurring theme through which the fragility of our interaction is addressed. An important source of experience is the race and class division in South Africa. This division is much broader than a mere black and white theme, it concerns our faith structure and our judgmental point of view. In counterpart to history, and that which is imbedded in memory, lies the experience of the present, as open, unrestricted and undefinable, also known as void or emptiness. The experience of present lies beyond the barriers made by race, culture or religion, beyond emotions and the intellect.


Steel is used for its rigidity, strength and density as well as for its ability to be formed, welded and transformed through process of rusting. Sheet and plate steel is formed into individually composed, standing figures, which either encloses or closes off space. The figural form is activated by the tension between geometrical and organical elements.


The material undergoes a process of welding and forming, which together with the element of rust, forms a dense accumulation of marks and textures. The rough surface reflects the accumulation of past experiences: memory. The dense surfaces are punctuated by holes and gaps which allow glimses into space, into the unlimited.



The circle represents a constant, associated with movement and continuous change. Its surface is covered by irregular and organic marks and textures. A dense accumilation of past experiences interrupted by holes and gaps. The circle is also associated with the moon, from clear to covered. In Zen meditation this phenomenon ,clouds moving across the moon’ is associated with the coming and going of thoughts which appear in front of the ever present watcher.